November 6, 2021

An Old Time Christmas - Lights (SDC)

Let's take a walk around the 'City and look at hte lights

The Joy on Main Street tree is the center of attention on the square

Taffy Shop

Wilderness Chruch

Fire tower

Hannah's Ice Cream Store

Grandfather peeking out the window at Grandfather's Mansion

Heading down into Christmas in Midtown

One of the tunnels leading to Hill Street

Tunnel leading to Corkscrew Pass

Antique Photos and Restrooms at the bottom of Hill Street


Wildfire Entry

Lumber Camp Falls

Powder Keg entry

Opera House

Fire in the Hole

Heading into Tom Saywer Landing

Coke and Floats

Giant Barn Swing

Outlaw Run

River Blast

Tom Sawyer's Landing



Riverfront Playhouse

Riverfront Playhouse

Firemans Landing

Boatworks Theater

Nativity Scene

Pottery House

Jingle Bell Junction in the Frisco Barn

Heading to the Grand Expo area

Christmas Store

Time Traveler

Flooded Mine

Frisco Silver Dollar Line

Frisco Silver Dollar Line

The park looks amazing this season