November 25, 2021

Disney's Hollywood Studios


Welcome to Disney's Hollywood Studios - those are the "non-resort guests" who have to wait while the resort guests get early entry.

Early entry is going to come handy today.

This will soon be clogged with guests trying to get back to Rise of the Resistance.

Since we already have our Lightning Lane pass for that ride, we're going to go do some laps on the other big attractions while the lines are short

2 walk on rides for Tower of Terror

Goofy greeted us on our second lap.  He was on the porch near the entrance inside

We also got a walk on to Rock'n'Rollercoaster and then we cashed in our Lightning Lane for a second quick ride

We had a little bit of time before our next Lightning Lane pass so we stopped in to see Lightning McQueen

Heading back to the heart of the park I had to stop and take this cool shot with the balloons

The retro decorations look neat

I also liked this new 50th statue that they recently added

We made it to Toy Story Land and it is packed

Thankfully we had a Lightning Lane pass for Mania so that was just a walk on for us.

Slinky Dog Dash was the longest line of the day for us.  Lightning Lane for it went very quickly

We really enjoyed the Christmas overlay for Alien Swirling Saucers and the fact that we got a Lightning Lane for it later on in the day

I know this 3D show is old, but I love it and have to see it every time I visit

These guys steal the show.

I also love this ride

I had "new to me" scenes every time I rode today.  I think we got 3 rides in

We were able to catch the Pixar cavalcade ... because parades are dangerous still

It was fun, but extremely short.  Not sure why we cannot just have a full parade

Mickey and Minne's Runaway Railway is still a lot of fun.

Now a few Christmas shots from around the park

Gertie has a 50th anniversary ornament in her mouth

More retro decorations

I like the light pole decorations on Sunset Blvd.

The mapping at night on the Tower is pretty awesome.  They even have the Tip Top Club

We had a great time at the park