November 27, 2021

Universal Studios Orlando


Welcome to Universal Studios Florida

Walk-on for Minion Mayhem?  Don't mind if we do.

We had to pay our respects to Shrek 4-D as it will be closing for good in January

Time for a couple laps on Rip Ride Rock-It to utilize some hidden tracks

Mummy was a walk-on so we got a couple laps here too - but we would have enjoyed it more if we had gotten our cup of coffee.

Hard pass.  We're ready for it to be rethemed to the Knight Bus and incorporated into the Wizarding World

Definitely not as good as Spider-man

ET time, because we are not sure how much longer it will be around

He's back!

More walk-ons.  Same coaster as in the Wizarding World - only no wait

Heading into Springfield

The characters are back!

Hey Krusty

No wait here either

Walk-on at Men In Black too.  We did 3 laps here

Time for the best stunt show ever.  Seriously, we love this show

Not sure why, but we enjoy this ride

Probably be cause we enjoy watching the Ragtime Gals

It's Wizarding World time

We enjoyed their Christmas songs

Molly and Arthur Weasley were out shopping in Diagon Alley today

Another great day at Universal Studios