August 5, 2022

Fire in the Hole (SDC)


Since our last visit, the gravity building for the new attraction seems to have been closed up

The gravity building towers over 76.  It does appear that they will be using the storage boxes again this year for Pumpkins as they are still present in the Pumpkin Plaza area

Here is a look at the plaza for the new ride.  You can see the large gravity building in the back with the brown and white pattern.  The load / queue area can be seen in front and is the shorter building

Hopefully some type of berm will be constructed to hide 76 from the new plaza area

I'm guessing some sort of access road will need to be built on this side of the building to allow for access to Red Gold from the maintenance parking lot

This is taken inside the Fire Station.  Here you can see the load / queue area

The new reddish brown steel structure will be the new entrance for the attraction

Since there are no lights on inside and the windows on the Fire Station are rather dirty it is hard to see, but they do appear to be installing HVAC systems for the building now

I want to point one last thing before moving on, there is a pit here that is fenced off.  I would imagine that this is where the track will run in the loading area

Looking over the fence near the Little Swings (thank goodness I'm tall) you can see where the entrance will be in relation to the rest of the building.  The pathway to the new ride will run right through where the Little Swings are currently and have a new manned crossing over the train tracks

There wasn't much to see from the train that we haven't already shown.  Again the new entrance steel peeking over the fence

The abyss of the gravity building with not much to see right now.  
Contrary to some reports around the internet, there is currently no track on site (or any of the staging parking lots that SDC owns) as of today.