December 28, 2023

Meow Wolf - Grapevine


Welcome to the world of Meow Wolf

Our story begins in a suburban home in Illinois

All members of the family have mysteriously vanished

The house looks normal...

or does it?

As you navigate the house you cannot help but feel like something is off

Like something is watching you

Like there are portals to the real unreal

Crawl into the washer or dryer if you dare ... you'll find ourself in the Real Unreal

So like other Meow Wolf installations you end up in a weird universe that is unlike anything else

This massive interactive art installation will challenge your senses

Everywhere your turn or enter will take you face to face with something new

You will encounter the bazaar 

The psychedelic

and sets that are just over the top

You might even find yourself in a dimension that uses refrigerator doors as portals

or in a strange woodland reading nook

No matter where you look or explore

you'll realize that this is just the real unreal