December 27, 2023

Six Flags over Texas


Welcome back to Six Flags over Texas

We started off the day at La Vibora - strangely enough we were on the first bobsled of the day

I have always liked the look of the Spain section

Titan was our next destination

Such a forceful ride.  Anyone else start to grey out in this section?

New Texas Giant was next

The OG of the RMC coasters still delivers

Pirates of Speelunkers Cave was our next destination

For some odd reason. the park did not operate this ride last Holiday in the Park so this was our first ride ever on this latest version of the park's boat ride

We went in blind, not knowing what was in store.  Wow is it weird

It started off very Pirates of the Caribbean-ish and then goes weird with these creatures

Next was Superman: Tower of Power.  Thank goodness for the single rider line because they were only running one of the towers today and there was a long line

The Oil Derrick was closed.  Sad.  I bet the lights at night would look neat from up there

The Runaway Mine Train is really rough.  I know people say ThuNderaTion at SDC is rough, but I think this is a lot worse

I will still ride it - but will definitely have the Tylenol ready for when I return to the station

Of course I dominated on Justice League.  Top 2% like normal

The Mr. Freeze at Six Flags over Texas is weird

So they made a big deal (last time I was here) about turning the trains back around so they launch forward.  Now they have one going forward and the other is backwards.  Oh and there is ZERO signage to let you know which is which when you are queuing.  

I ended up riding backwards.  I would have tried the forward side too if the line wasn't so long

Batman the Ride was solid ride like normal

I do like their color scheme - I don't want it at St. Louis, but it does pop here

Catwoman Whip looks strange here.  Are you sure this isn't Supergirl?

Joker Jinx is so much fun - I'm excited for our own (which I think is taller?) next year at St. Louis

I like how they have a single rider line for Pandemonium.  Wish we had one at St. Louis

Shockwave was finally open AND running so we went there next

Thankfully we got a ride in before it went down AGAIN

Christmas at Runaway Mountain is AWESOME

Christmas lights and music really add to the ride inside the mountain

We also rode the train

Check out the Holiday in the Park update to see why it is a must ride this time of year