December 28, 2023

Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience


Welcome to the Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience

This officially licensed Wizarding World event is located in the northern DFW metro area and is an amazing interactive outdoor walk through experience

Hagrid and Fang

Owl Post


Your first interaction is getting to bow to Buckbeak

Aragog comes out of his lair and speaks

One of Aragog's children

Harry conjures a patronus and scares of a dementor here

The forest is quite alive tonight

Dancing lighted mushrooms that change colors


We found the Weasley's flying car

Again the walk is just so fun


Grawp, Hagrid's little brother

You get to wizard duel here

Thestral drawn carriage

Cornish pixies

Pygmy Puffs

The Village, where you can purchase food and drinks

Of course it is Christmas time here

The event was a lot of fun, and of course you know we had to have a Butterbeer to top off our evening