December 30, 2023

Fire in the Hole (SDC)


Last day of the season, great time to look in at the progress of the new Fire in the Hole

This new façade looks amazing

Not sure about the "back of house" theming but it will work

The pumper carts are now on the track and testing

They will feature on board sound

Here is the first scene once you leave the station

I love how they have turned the support beams into "trees"

There is the fire we are headed to

Turn the corner and you come to the first buildings 

The saloon is back in the new version of Fire in the Hole

Here is the final drop and splash down

On top of the hill you can see the facades have started to go in.  You can also see the switch track that leads to the maintenance bay

The run back into the station.  Will we see the return of the "foot" - we sure hope so