August 14, 2023

Fire in the Hole Media Event (SDC)


Welcome to Silver Dollar City's Town Hall Meeting to discuss the additions for the 2024 season

We got our credentials, let's head on in to the Meeting

Casey and the Attaboys acted as the house band to entertain the crowd until it was time for the event to begin.

The Fire Chief welcomed everyone to the the Town Hall Meeting and officially swore us in as Volunteer Firemen.

Then it was time for the reveal

New for 2024 is Fire in the Hole
(the next view photos are from the film presentation)

The backstory in the station is that they are unveiling a new model for the fire wagon and this is what it looks like

You'll notice that the real buggies look similar

You'll notice that there are a lot of familiar sites that will appear in the new ride

Silver Dollar City Company President - Brad Thomas
Officially announcing that Fire in the Hole is coming in 2024

Dailey and Vincent will be recording the new version of the theme song

Concept artwork 

Brad Thomas announcing the stats of the ride.  The largest indoor coaster in the Heartland.  3 drops including a water splashdown. 14 iconic scenes.  Custom onboard audio. 1512 feet of track. 5-story temperature controlled building

After months of speculation, it was confirmed that Rocky Mountain Construction was the supplier of the ride components

In addition to Fire in the Hole, the entire area of Fireman's Landing will be renamed the Fire District

Saddie Flanders then announced that they (Red Flanders and herself) would be opening a new Dry Goods Store in the Fire District. Brad Thomas also announced a new Pretzel Dog Stand would also be coming to the Fire District

The Fire Chief then reappeared and invited everyone to come tour the construction of the new ride after the Town Hall ended down in the new Fire District

Upon exiting the Town Hall, attendees received a special box

Inside the box was a package of fools gold toffee, a package of red cinnamon taffy, logo stickers of Fire in the Hole and the Fire District, and a Fire in the Hole themed scarf.

Special Thanks to Vice President of Marketing for the Silver Dollar City Company, Nick Guevel for allowing us to attend today's event.