August 19, 2023

Rookie Racer (SFSTL)


Rookie Racer's track work is now complete and according to the park, they still plan on opening the ride this season.  Mind you, the park is already on weekend-only operations

The lift hill will be tire driven

Work is still being done on the station.  This will be the exit side

You will enter the station and load on the far side.  There is a stairway to get up here from the eventual queue line

The lift hill.  It appears that they are still working on the safety railing

The first drop is actually pretty impressive for a kiddie coaster

Here is a better look at the angle of decent

After the first drop there is a rather flat helix that turns to the right

Once you get into the helix it is basically the same height until you exit it

Here you can see the very slight height change in this helix.  Also you can see that the train will have plenty of room to go underneath the track

The next helix is a little more impressive and will probably pull some Gs

After exiting the second helix you take this meandering path at the bottom of the photo

Followed by this curve back into the station.  It appears that the only brakes are in the actual station

We noticed that they have put a pole in the middle of this helix.  We wonder if this will be where cameras are mounted for an onride photo

This is the exit ramp for the ride

This is where the queue line for the ride should go.
While the park has not released the Opening Date for the ride, they have promised that it will be released soon.  Once we have that date we will share it on our media platforms