August 11, 2023

Flying Viking & Draken Falls - NOW OPEN (Adventureland)


New for 2023 is Flying Viking (rollercoaster) and Draken Falls (flume ride)

Draken Falls fills a void that the park has had since the beloved log ride was removed for the construction of the Monster.  The new "log ride" takes up to 6 riders in larger boats up two lifts and down two drops.  This is the shorter first lift and drop

The second lift and drop is much taller

The final splash down is pretty impressive looking and soaks all of the riders

Intertwined with Draken Falls is the new family coaster Flying Viking

While not overly thrilling, this coaster fills an important void that the park had - a need for a family coaster that the younger guests could experience.

While not too fast, the coaster does go up pretty high above the midway and does move along at a pretty good pace

The seeping turn over the first drop of Draken Falls and over the marquee entrance for the rides

The coaster has two helix sections, this is the second one on the course

Coming into the final brake section before the station

The new complex is a great addition to the park