August 10, 2023

Matugani and Yuta Falls (Lost Island)


New this year at Lost Island is MATUGANI an Intamin hydraulic launched coaster.  Here is inside the load station.  The train actually launches from right here.  It is quite the visual as you are waiting to board

It doesn't take long to get up to full speed as you rocket your way towards the top hat element

You pause a little at the top of the top hat before plunging back down towards the ground

Next you navigate over a small airtime hill and then into the next element

This vertical loop.  The train gives you a moment of hangtime while you do a near stall before continuing on

Now you go down into this ground hugging helix

Followed by this pass of the station

Another pop of airtime before spiraling around to conquer...

this slow roll that empties into the final brakes

Coming back into the station, you then exit to your right and back down to the midway walking past the initial launch track

Matugani is an amazing coaster and what we would describe as "stupid fun" - it is not overly intense but gives enough to make you exit the ride with a huge smile on your face.  It is easily one of the top coasters in Iowa and worth the price of admission (along with the Volkanu dark ride)

Also new this year is Yuta Falls, the park's log ride style ride

Yuta Falls features two drops.  While the main drop is most noticeable here you can also see the smaller one the travels underneath it with the lift on the right and drop behind the Yuta shield

Here you can see the splash from the first drop.  After that drop you circle around and then navigate up the lift for the larger final drop

Yuta Falls features an impressive thematic element that supports a water wheel and the Yuta logo shield

The final drop really creates a nice splash which gets all riders soaked

A good look at the new Yuta Falls with the station on the right