August 10, 2023

Lost Island


Welcome to Lost Island Themepark in Waterloo, Iowa

This is the second season of operation for this still new theme park

Heading left from the entrance we reach the Mura realm which is the fire themed land

Volkanu is the marquee attraction of this section - and it could be argued that it is the marquee attraction of the entire park

Animatronic found in the queue line

The ride features a trackless cart that can seat 6 passengers armed with blasters.  It seriously is an amazing ride that uses both screens and physical props to convey its story.

Also in the Mura section is Shaman's Curse, a disko coaster

Mura Fury which is a spinning looping pendulum ride

Rokava which is a weird top spin variation ride

Moving into the Yuta realm, which is the land themed to earth you meet Matugani the Intamin hydraulic launched coaster

Totara Market is one of two indoor restaurants at the park

Yuta Falls is the park's log flume style ride featuring two large drops

The Pengali Ruins are a sand dig site where you can find jewels and other relics

Kukuli Station is the park's variation on bumper cars

The next realm is Awa which is themed to water.
The major ride here is Alzanu's Eye which is the park's giant ferris wheel

Some view of the park from the ferris wheel, this is the Udara Realm

The Mura Realm

The Awa Realm

The Tamariki Realm and front entrance area

Back on the ground, here is Eeki Eeki Escape, a Dumbo style ride

Awaati Water Battle

Sea Swell

Akua Water Maze and the building in the far back is Whalebone Grill, the other indoor restaurant at the park

Moving into the Udara Realm themed to the air.
This is Amara Aviators.  Skilled flyers can get their carts to flip while riding

The white tower is Skyborne, a S&S turbo drop ride

Dream Spinner swing ride

Nopuko is the other major coaster at the park.  This is a Vekoma Suspended Looping Coaster

Moving into the Tamariki Realm which is the kiddie ride area.  There are lots of options for the kids to ride or they also have playgrounds

They also have a Wacky Worm coaster called Lokolo

The park added representatives from each of the different realms that interact with park guests this season.  They really add some fun to the front entrance area

We once again really enjoyed our visit to the park.  They have something special here and we look forward to visiting again in the future

Until next time, have a great remainder of the season Lost Island