March 9, 2024

Silver Dollar City - Update


Lots of new updates to cover today.  First, the parking lots all got new names and colors

At the main campus there are now 6 named lots.  Obviously the satellite lots will also have names

Going down Valley Road, we can admire the new siding on Brown Candy Factory

The attendant at the toll bridge received a new uniform for this season

Entering the newly named Fire District, we come upon Flanders Dry Goods across from Boatworks Theater.

Lots of Fire in the Hole and Flanders themed attire

You can also purchase your own set of Red's pants

Sadie's Pretzels is not quite ready to open yet

The details on the building look great

Looking through to new covered seating area

This will be the exit from the seating area

It really changes the look of this area for the better

Here you can see the seating area just behind the Balloon ride

The sign on the pumper wagon has been changed to the new name for the area

Here is the entrance to the newly moved swing ride.  It is right next to the Dizzy Dogs

It honestly looks like it has always been here

Here is what the area looks like from where the swings used to be

Separating the older area from the new First in the Hole plaza is a new train crossing 

This new crossing provides great visuals of the Frisco Steam Train as it passes by

Moving over to River Town, we noticed that the tree house elevated platform at River Blast has been removed.

Honestly it looks rather strange now without it

Over on Hill Street, the new Heartland Home Furnishings store has opened

The new store has a giant open floor plan show floor

Attached, but not accessible to guests from insides is the demonstration room

Lots of tools area on display here

No one was working today though

Checking in on the site of the old Fire in the Hole, we are met with a large wall

The building is still standing for now

The exit from the ride is sealed up

Anyone else curious what is going to happen herein the future?

Riding the train you can see that the area appears pretty unchanged so far

I imagine there will soon be a wall on this side too

Doors all locked up for good at the original Fire in the Hole