March 28, 2024

Lost Mine Mountain Coaster


Today we visited the newest mountain coaster in the Smokies - Lost Mine

The Lost Mine complex is located on Teaster Avenue near the indoor snow slope and pretty much directly behind the Island (the road just beyond that complex)

This is the loading station and as you can tell from here, this is a themed mountain coaster

And we're not just talking a little bit of theming - no this thing is themed the entire way

There are 3 distinct sections all marked with their own lift.  The first section has a helix after a couple of lifts taking you to the top

The second section has the longest lift that takes you through this rock slide blast area

Through a mine shaft - keep a look out for the bears

Finally you get to Bearfoot Ridge

They have built an entire western style village at the top of the hill

Complete with a cemetery

This section features some of the most extreme G-forces on this ride as you serpentine down the hill

Next is the final lift which takes you past a bear ziplining and several honey bee nests

This is the final helix and curves of the ride.
We had a blast on this mountain coaster and we honestly think this is our favorite of the bunch.  The theming adds so much to the ride and we hope this is the new model that future installations follow