March 28, 2024

Mammoth Valley Park


Just down the road from the famous Mammoth Cave National Park is Mammoth Valley Park ... and yes this is all in Kentucky

The main reason we stopped after visiting the cave was for this - an Alpine Slide.  We had only ever ridden an Alpine Slide at Ober so we were excited to try another installation

For the low price of $6 you get to experience the slide - and yes that includes your chairlift ride

Here you can see the slide snaking down the hill

There's also the option of just riding the chair lift round trip if you do not want to ride the slide

For those that have never ridden an alpine slide, let me tell you that you feel every imperfection in the concrete trough.

We still had a lot of fun though - and for $6 it was worth a quick stop

This one didn't go extremely fast when the brakes were completely off but it was still a good ride

When you are done with your slide ride you deposit your cart on the the rack like this person is doing and then you hop on the chair lift to take you back to the parking lot area

Fun stop on our way to the Smokies