March 9, 2024

NOW OPEN - Fire in the Hole (SDC)


Fire in the Hole is now in "technical rehearsals" and is accepting riders periodically now through its Grand Opening on April 30th

This is the main entrance for the new attraction

Upon entering you will stay left if you are using stand-by or right if you have Trailblazer or are using an ADA pass

Most of the queue is located outdoors and features several switchbacks

There are some fans located in the queue, but we are concerned that this area will get quite warm during the warmer summer months

One of the displays you pass while queuing outdoors

The new storyline centers around these three Baldknobbers

Once you have navigated the outdoor queue area you enter the ride building again through this doorway

The main load area is located on the "Delivery Bay"

The main load area features some additional queue area before you get to the actual load area

Some advertising posters for the Pumper Factory are located on the wall

Period accurate flag hanging on the wall

Shipment tracking board (reminds us a lot of the one located in Mystic River Falls queue)

Looks like the Big Reveal has been delayed

Here's a look at indoor queue section

A look at the trains and some of the theming on the load dock

A look at the cubby storage area and that fence leads to the exit

There is a grouper who will split you into the 6 lanes

You depart to your left and then go up the stairs to exit

Once you come down the stairs on the side you are greeted by the original mural from the old Fire in the Hole that is now behind a protective glass.

Back in the Fire in the Hole Plaza you can find a small souvenir stand and an onride photo stand

Before we leave, let's look at some of the façade doorways

Our thoughts?
This is a worthy upgraded and modern replacement for the original. The new ride stays true to the original while making huge advancements in storytelling and craftsmanship.  No one will go away disappointed after riding this ride.  We cannot wait to visit again to get in more laps on this ride