Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Time Traveler Construction (SDC)

Today's update is courtesy of sdcfans88.  These photos were taken from the back-porch of the Culinary Arts School.  It looks like the crane is busy over in the area where they've already installed some track pieces.

Zooming in and peeking through the trees you can see that they have now installed track on that taller support that we saw in our last update.  We can now assume that there are at least 3 pieces in place on what looks like a banked curve.

Over at the station, they continue to work on the siding and closing up the building.

The most interesting development since last weekend is this HUGE slab of concrete with rebar footers sticking up from it.  We'll have to keep an eye on this to see what happens.

The Joker (SFGAM)

Today we are going to take a closer look at Six Flags Great America's newest addition - The Joker Free Fly Coaster.

The queue line enters under a big top where the Joker greets you on his Joker Cam screens.  Upon entering the tent you have the option to enter the general public line, the Flash Pass line or the Single Rider line.  The Single Rider line will really shave time off your wait.

This is the 3rd (or 4th) installation of the S&S Free Fly Coaster.  It starts with a vertical lift out of the station to the top level of the track.

Each cart can seat 8 passengers at a time - 8 on each side of the track.

As the cart navigates the track, the seats have the capability of flipping upside down and going 360 degrees either way.

There are magnetic fins and several small hills that help convince the seats to rotate.

Much like the other Free Fly Coasters already in service, this one is proving to be quite popular with the park patrons.  The line at one point was close to a 2 hour wait and I can only imagine how long it will be during peak season.  This is definitely a "winner" for the park.

Six Flags Great America

Welcome to Six Flags Great America near Chicago in Gurnee, Illinois.

The park has a couple of slow loading coasters, so I wanted to get them out of the way first.  The first is Superman Ultimate Flight, a B&M Prone (Flying) Coaster.

This is a great concept, but for some reason the loading procedures for this style of ride always create long lines - though that might be because most flying coasters are in Six Flags parks.

The other coaster that you want to hit early is The Dark Knight Coaster.  It is also prone to long lines mainly because it has a very low PPH thanks to its design of being a mouse coaster.

I headed to Batman the Ride next.  This B&M inverted coaster is the original and is still one of the best out there.

The heavy forces created in this design still surprise me every time I ride it.

One of my guilty pleasures is Intamin Impulse Coasters.  So I had to ride Vertical Velocity.

Also in this area is the new Joker Free Fly Coaster.  This 4D coaster built by S&S/RMC has a great color scheme that really pops in this section of the park.

This is the 2nd installation of this style of coaster I have been able to ride (should have been the 3rd but SFoT's was not open yet) and I have to admit that I really enjoy them and can see them popping up at all of the remaining Six Flags parks eventually.

I know I have said it before, but I am so glad that the Little Dipper is at this park.

When I head Playland was closing I thought the worst case scenario for this little guy,

Thankfully it was saved and brought here so I can continue to enjoy riding it.

Goliath was my next destination.

This RMC built wooden hybrid coaster is still trying to win me over.

I personally feel that it is one of the weaker RMC installations out there.

Is it possible that they tried to do too much with this coaster and instead came away with an inferior design?  Don't get me wrong, it is enjoyable - but not something that forces a re-ride.

American Eagle is looking great with its bright white wooden structure.  It was only running the red side today which was disappointing.

X-Flight is a B&M built Wing Coaster and remains the only one of its type in the chain.

Honestly I am surprised that more of these have not appeared in other parks - especially the bigger parks in the chain.  It's a fun ride.

I rode Demon and immediately regretted it.  I think a lot has to do with the fact I am a tall guy and I really do not fit comfortably in the trains of the older style loopers.

I finally got to ride a 2nd generation Justice League ride.  I really enjoyed the upgrades they made between the version they have in St. Louis and this one.  I crushed the others in my cart with my final score.  I figure if I took a few more laps it would have been even higher.

This section has to be my favorite looking one in the entire park.  Didn't have a chance to ride Giant Drop today, but I have in the past and have always enjoyed my rides.

I instead got 3 laps on Raging Bull - a B&M built mega coaster.

I have always enjoyed this coaster, but I cannot help but think back to the days when the trim (which you can see here) wasn't on so heavy.  It really kills the middle part of the ride.

Viper is the 3rd wooden coaster in the park

I chose to ride on a "non wheel seat" and it was still pretty rough.  I can only imagine how bad a wheel seat was.  I don't remember it being this bad during my last visit.

Whizzer is a Schwarzkopf built Jumbo Jet coaster and the oldest in the park.  I have to ride this one every time I visit because it reminds me so much of the Zambezi Zinger that was once at Worlds of Fun - which was my favorite coaster as a child.

I seriously always have a great time at this park.  I wish it was closer to home.

Season Dining Pass 2017 (Six Flags)

2017 Season
(an on-going update of meals purchased on the Six Flags Dining Pass)

Chicken Strips and Waffle Fries
Colonnade's Grill - Six Flags St. Louis

Rockets Single Cheeseburger Meal (includes fries and onion rings)
Johnny Rockets Vanilla Shake (Snack Option)
Johnny Rockets - Six Flags St. Louis

Brisket Sandwich with Baked Beans
Old Blues - Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Boneless Honey BBQ Wings with Waffle Fries
Totally Kickin' Chicken - Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Vanilla Shake (Snack Option)
Johnny Rockets - Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Chipotle Chicken Nachos
Macho Nachos - Six Flags over Texas

Brisket Sandwich with Waffle Fries
JB Smokehouse BBQ - Six Flags over Texas

Dasani Water (Snack Option)
JB Smokehouse BBQ - Six Flags over Texas

BBQ Beef Sandwich with Waffle Fries
Mooseburger Lodge - Six Flags St. Louis

Bratwurst (with cheese sauce) with Homestyle Chips
Fowl Ball - Six Flags St. Louis

Soft Jumbo Pretzel (Snack Option)
Colonel Cobbs - Six Flags St. Louis

Loaded Chicken Macho Nachos
Macho Nachos - Six Flags St. Louis

Vanilla Shake (Snack Option)
Johnny Rockets - Six Flags St. Louis

Chicken Strips and Waffle Fries
Colonnade's Grill - Six Flags St. Louis

Pollo Street Tacos with Chips and Red Salsa
Macho Nacho County Fair - Six Flags Great America

Single Cheese Burger on Pretzel Bun with Waffle Fries
County Fair Grill - Six Flags Great America

Bavarian Pretzel (Snack Option)
Taphouse County Fair - Six Flags Great America

BBQ Chicken Breast Sandwich with Coleslaw, House Fries and Pickle Spears.
Bayside BBQ - Hurricane Harbor St. Louis

Triple Berry Smoo Smoothie (Snack Option)
Treasure Chest Tiki Bar - Hurricane Harbor St. Louis

Loaded Pulled Pork Twister Fries with Nacho Cheese & BBQ Sauce
JB's Smoke House - Six Flags St. Louis

Specialty Drink - Mardi Gras Festival
Six Flags St. Louis

Specialty Food - Mardi Gras Festival
World's Best Funnel Cakes - Six Flags St. Louis