May 7, 2017

Park Changes (WOF)

Time to do an update on the happenings at the park.

Norma's Funnel Cakes is still not open yet.

They still have a lot of work to do inside.

Hopefully they can have it open by Memorial Day Weekend.

New this year at a few different restaurants are these self-serve ordering kiosks.  You can actually go through the entire process with the Food Plans at these kiosks speeding up the process.

With the addition of Norma's, the restrooms inside Chickie's and Pete's were removed.

Fjord Fjairlane has opened for the season with a very impressive light package.

We are a little disappointed that there is not a major attraction marquee for the ride.  Hopefully one is still on the way and just has not been installed yet.

Tivoli Music Hall has received a new sign.  We think that it looks temporary though and are hoping that something more grand is on the way.  In other news, they have resealed the asphalt in this area making it look much better than on Opening Day.

Festival of Music is going on right now at the park.  Tivoli East is being used as the warm up building this season.  A much better option than in years past.

The Lift's sign has received some new wooden paneling.

There is now a fountain in the Viking Voyager pond (or at least one that is working)

These signs are still waiting some sort of sign to be installed.  They are used extensively during Halloween Haunt.

There have been a few additions on the train.

There are now several Fun TVs installed facing the train carriages.  You can now be "entertained" while waiting for the train to depart the station.

New safety warnings and rules stickers have been installed on the back of each bench.

A new propane tank has been installed behind Zombie High as the old one was displaced by all of the new additions at the front of the park.

Some new signage at Country Junction.

The new First Aid station in the former Bicentennial Square is now fully operational.

The branding at the park continues with the new logo replacing the old logo on trashcans.

A big change this year for Foods is the addition of queue lines at all of the major stands.

This should really help with crowd control during rushes and help to keep the midways free of the lines which have been a problem during the busy weekends and during HAUNT.

All of the refill stations have them now as well.

We are curious if the addition of LP's food truck is a test for a possible food truck festival like what Kings Island is doing on certain days throughout the season.  Forum Road would be a great place to host this if they decide to move forward on it.

We were asked to check out the old Thunderhawk location to see if anything has changed.  

Since a lot of the Back of House operations have been displaced due to the new stuff at the front gate area, the compactors had to go somewhere.

So this is where they moved them to for this season.  I have to admit I am a little disappointed and hope this is only temporary as Bicentennial Square is dead this season and honestly could be completely shut off and no one would notice.

Until next time.