May 27, 2017

Opening Day (HHSTL)

Welcome to Hurricane Harbor St. Louis.

The park has a great lazy river called Castaway Creek.

The river has many different water obstacles to splash the floaters as they go by.

The most impressive of those features is this wall of waterfalls.

The park has a collection of 4 tube slides that all come off the same tower.  Pirahna (red) and Stingray (yellow) both feature tunnel and open sections whereas Hammerhead (green) and Man-O-War (blue) are completely enclosed the entire way.

Also in this section is the Big Kahuna, which is a family raft slide.

Wahoo Racer is the park's 6-lane down hill mat racer.

The park has a collection of 3 body speed slides.  The green slide is Jurahnimo.

Mah Hini (red) and Kon Tiki (blue) are mirror images and completely enclosed.

Tornado is the major raft slide in the park.

Up to 4 riders board a clover-leaf raft that plunges down into this huge funnel.  Once in the funnel the raft zigzags it's way to the bottom and out into the splash pool.

Hook's Lagoon is the kiddie area which features a waterfortress that includes many water obstacles and slides and the pirate ship which you can see in the foreground.

Bonzai Pipeline is a twin set of drop capsule body slides.  Once you climb into one of the two capsules at the top of the tower, you hear a countdown and then the floor drops out below you as your plunge into the slide.  It is quite the rush.

The final attraction in the park is Hurricane Bay, the park's giant wavepool.

This is a great waterpark and a great way to beat the Midwestern summer heat.