May 13, 2017

Falcon's Flight - Now Open (WOF)

Falcon's Flight officially opened to the public on Friday May 12th.

Since this was the first Saturday it was open, it was drawing a decent sized line.

While each cart is capable of seating two people in tandem seating, it is much more comfortable to just seat one person per cart.

With 28 pods, the line actually moves pretty quickly.

In fact I was quite surprised on how quick the load/unload process was.

The ride starts with the main carriage rising several feet in the air before any rotation begins.

Then the ride kicks into overdrive and lots of spinning occurs.

The ride could be best described as a scrambler in the air.

I found the ride to be a lot of fun and not overly intense.  I think it is a great addition to the park and a much needed "breath of fresh air" to the Europa section of the park.