May 5, 2017

Time Traveler Construction (SDC)

Progress continues on the station building.  The roof is now complete for the entire building.  They have installed a few new staircases.  There is one in the load area which goes down to maintenance and then another towards the back which appears to be for the queue line.

The biggest change this week is that they have redone the openings on the "square" section of the building.  The flats have been cleared and the openings have been enlarged.

Here is a little bit better view of those openings.  So far there have not been any thematic elements added to the building.  It has been pretty straight forward so it will be interesting where they decide to go with the finishing elements.

They are creating a few new footers near the station, you can see the forms there on the left.  I imagine that these will connect with the track leading back into the station.