May 20, 2017

Spinsanity Construction (SFSTL)

The marquee for Spinsanity has been installed.

The ride will have it's media day on Tuesday May 23rd.  May 24-25 will be Season Pass Holder Exclusive Preview Days and the ride will open to the public on Friday May 26th.

I guess this will be the "finished product" with regards to the old Chevy Show building's rehab.  It also appears that the queue line is set up so that it can accommodate both the haunted maze and Spinsanity's lines during Fright Fest.

Opening Soon! signs can be found all around the area.

They did a decent job landscaping around the area.

This should be a pretty neat looking addition at night with the amount LED lights the ride has.

Both the track and the ride carriage have LED lights.

Later on in the day, the ride was testing with employee riders.

This ride looks like it will be a great addition to the park.