April 6, 2019

Supergirl Skyflyer (SFSTL)

Even though they had all of the off season (and honestly all of last season) to work on Supergirl, the park has really only just started.

This is the current state of the ride area.

Indeed.  This ride is not even close to being ready to open.

I have no idea why they wait so long to start working on their new rides.

Here they are working on where the actual ride components will go.

They tried to hid the pieces for the new ride with this tent.

They failed.  Here you can see the lift mechanism

All of the parts are already here for the ride.

Here are the arms and you can see the seats there in the background.

There's absolutely no reason that this wasn't ready for opening weekend.  Everything is here already - they just decided to piddle around getting the ride area ready for install.