April 12, 2019

Opening Day (WOF)

It's time to kick off another season of thrills at Worlds of Fun

It is so good to be back.  The flyers in Planet Snoopy were very easy to snap today.

Who else has missed the big black snake?

We were able to get several laps on MAMBA today

Luckily we got a ride on Patriot earlier in the evening as it was closed for most of Preview Night.
Short lines on Spinning Dragons?

We will definitely take advantage of that and go for a spin

Detonator was only running one tower today so we waited until later to get a ride in.

Prowler received some retracking from the first drop through the pass through of the lift hill and it was considerably smoother than the rest of the ride.

Boomerang never did open tonight.

I just love Mustang Runner.  It is definitely my favorite flat ride at WOF
The Americana Star Fountain Plaza looks a lot more open with the removal of the Americana Food Court and the addition of Cotton Blossom BBQ

It was a great Opening Night

Plenty of night rides for those that wanted them

I have a feeling this is going to be a great season