April 12, 2019

Restaurant Changes (WOF)

There's been some major shifts in the restaurants this off season.  Viddle Griddle is now Gold Rush Pizza and serves pizza by the slide (including Mac 'n Cheese Pizza)

Battle Creek BBQ is now Prospectors Burritos and Cantina and serves selections that you would expect to find at Chipotle (made to order burritos and nacho bowls)

The interior has been redone as well - the queue area was really opened up

New decor on the walls and I believe new chairs at the tables

Here's another view of how opened up the queue area is now

The lower dining area.  I'm pretty sure they also removed the TVs that used to be in the dining area.

In Europa, the often changing restaurant is now Let Them Eat Cake.  It serves funnel cakes, ice cream and other desserts.

In Scandinavia, the restaurant across from Nordic Chaser will set dark this season.  We wonder how long before this area is reimagined with something different (maybe a new ride?)

Also in Scandinavia, the shop across from Viking Voyager will be turned into Scandi Candies this season.  It will feature homemade fudge and other sweets.  It is scheduled to open later this season.