April 6, 2019

Chop Six - NOW OPEN! (SFSTL)

Ignore the signs, Chop Six is now open.

Here is the serving area.  Honestly not much different from when it was Panda Express.

Registers and Drink Refill Stations

Dining area has new tables and flooring.

As far as the food goes - this is a Dining Pass meal plate WITH snack.  You get one entree (meat) and one side (rice or lo mein) with a normal meal credit.  You can get 2 spring rolls or 1 chicken roll with a snack credit.  

As far as taste goes.  I wasn't a fan on the lo mein.  It was way too soggy.  The rolls had a good flavor.  The orange chicken was just all right.  Honestly, I probably won't use a meal credit here again as I think there are much better options at the park.