April 12, 2019

Cotton Blossom BBQ - NOW OPEN (WOF)

The brand new Cotton Blossom Bar B Que is now OPEN at Worlds of Fun

They really nailed the aesthetics of the building. 

Light fixture in the main entrance

Lots of historical photos of the Cotton Blossom adorn the walls

As we mentioned in an earlier update, there are two serving areas inside

The line up of food at the main serving area.

Dining plan members received 1 meat, 1 side and 2 bread slices per food credit.  I tried the brisket and mac 'n cheese tonight and both were amazing.

The register area is a large open area that can get guests through quickly. 

In addition to the two indoor serving areas, there is a third station setup outside, which I imagine will only be used on extremely busy days.

All seating is outdoors.  This seating area is located outside the 2nd serving area.

As you can see, it wraps around the side of the building closest to Patriot.

The main seating area wraps around the side closest to the Americana Star Fountain Plaza and is much larger.

Each table has seating for 4 and aligns both sides of the deck.  The only complaint we had was that if guests feel the need to bring their mega strollers into the dining area, it will clog up the walkway.  We noticed this happen twice along with an ECV which then had trouble turning around.  

Also you'll notice on the ceilings that they have both fans and heating units so that this area can be used for the entire season.

The main dining patio is extremely close to SteelHawk which will give some entertainment to diners.

In addition to the porch dining areas, they've built and overflow area

This patio is roughly where the old Americana Food Court was located

They're going to have to invest in some more umbrellas before the summer heat arrives though.

The placement of the new restaurant has forever changed the look of the area.  You can see Patriot's Landing gift shop on the right of the photo, which should help you get your bearings.

The suits were all out and about around the new restaurant last night.  Everyone I visited with seemed to think that its debut night was a success.

I fully believe the at Cotton Blossom Bar B Que will be a major hit this season.  We cannot wait to get back to the park and try additional options that are on the menu.