April 19, 2019

Rivertown (SDC)

The new light posts in the Rivertown area appear to be completed.  They added decorative rope to the bottom and top and feature LED lanterns with a couple of speakers which we imagine will be playing bluegrass music soon.

The deck for the new dining area seems to be nearing completion.  You'll notice how far out into the former Lake footprint it stretches.

It will be interesting to see if this area gets any attention as it looks a lot shabbier compared to the new clean sight lines they appear to be going for now.

It is nice to see that the new patio will have large trees already installed.  These were added since our last visit to the park.

You can see more trees and another light post have been added in this section.

This will be a very large dining patio once completed.  Something that is needed for this area.

Looking back at the new dining patio area, you'll see that they added a few more trees here as well.  Nice to see that the "Deep Woods" might be coming back in some form.