April 16, 2022



Welcome to Dollywood

We started our day off on Dragonflier.
This coaster really deserves more credit than it gets.  
So much fun

We also took a ride on the Mockingbird while we were in the area

Mystery Mine finally was ready for the day so we headed there next

I wish the ride was smoother because the themed sections inside are amazing

Thunderhead was next

The retracked sections are amazing.  Wish the whole thing had been done

Firechaser Express was next

I am addicted to this ride.  TimeSaver is worth it just for making the lines here shorter

Wild Eagle is just a lot of fun.  We decided that we like the ride side of the ride (go left at stairs) better than then left side of the ride (go right at stairs)

Tennessee Tornado still delivers.

Blazing Fury 

Cinderella was doing the work today for the Dollywood Express

Another ride that makes Time Saver worth it is Lightning Rod

We were able to get 5 rides today - and most were in the front seat

We always love to get a ride on Barnstormer

We got to watch the bird show today as well

This guy buzzed us flying over the audience

Always a fun show

We had a great at Dollywood