April 2, 2022

Opening Day (SFSTL)


It's Opening Day 2022 at Six Flags St. Louis

That is some very blue water

The trees were beautiful in the Place Gardens

American Thunder was running great today

The Log Flume was actually open on Opening Day.

The Single Ride Line is back at Justice League

Hello there.  It's been awhile

Not bad.  A little rusty

I'm guessing we just decided to not staff this ride for the weekend?

Pandemonium was extra spinny today

Supergirl was a lot of fun today

Look if you don't want to staff all of your rides, just say that.  Blaming a closure on cold weather when it is 65 degrees outside just looks sad

It was so nice to be able to ride Screamin' Eagle again

At least the new paint job looks nice?

I sure hope we get the "Superman version" on our SkyScreamer this season

It was nice to have the train on Opening Day this year

Mine Train probably had the best dispatches today

I got my annual ride on Ninja.  Yeah I'm done riding it for the season


The characters are back!
It was a great Opening Day.  Hopefully we can get more attractions open soon