April 2, 2022

Catwoman Whip (SFSTL)


The area around the new Catwoman Whip ride is still very much an active construction zone

In fact the pathway just past Boomerang and FireBall is still closed to guests

Over in the new Screamin' Eagle plaza you can get a better look at construction.  It will be interesting to see if this walkway area will need to be expanded or not

Looks like the queue area will go in front of the ride

The ride operation booth appears to have been installed

Photos really do not do the ride justice on just how tall it is

They were doing some work on the seats.  You'll notice they have not installed the load platform yet for the ride.

The ride started humming and we thought we might get to see it cycle

But this was all we got.

Seriously, the wingspan of this ride is a lot bigger than what I was expecting.
Looks like we might have a month left before Catwoman opens.  We'll keep you updated