April 2, 2022

Screamin' Eagle Update (SFSTL)



Due to Catwoman construction the only way to access Screamin' Eagle is through Loony Tunes National Park.  There is currently no ADA access to this area.  This is a look at the new steps

This whole area looks so much more open

Here's a different look at those new stairs and new railings

A new structure has been built in this new plaza.  I hope that it was designed to be just a shade structure and won't become a tacky games booth

Here's the new entrance to Screamin' Eagle in all of its glory

While the rock garden art was removed, they are paying homage to it with this new cement artwork located at the entrance to the queue

The hillside logo now dominates the entrance to the queue building.

There was some minor reworking of the extended queue building

The smaller logo sign that was at one time on the side of the coaster structure and then moved to the "new entrance" when Superman: Tower of Power debuted, is now located in the station

Some new structures are going near the ride exit

This appears to be a new elevated pathway which may help the ride become ADA accessible finally

Looking from the station down at the new plaza area.

There's still quite a bit of work to be done in the area, but we really like what they have done so far