March 12, 2023

Fire in the Hole (SDC)


Let's check in on the progress at Fireman's Landing.  Here you can see the new facade blends in very well with the existing firehouse structure

The foundation for the new location of the little swings appears to be ready for the ride

The swings have to be moved here to accommodate the new ride

The entrance for the new ride will actually go right here

In fact you can see exactly where the pathway will go already

Zooming in and you can really see.

The access door is open on the side and you can see in - it is just impossible to photograph

The far facade is the entrance to the ride

The green facade is where you will exit

Another look at the facades

No idea if the facades will continue down this side of the building or not

They left this door open on the east side of the building

Peeking inside with our zoom

This is the best view you can get from the "guest areas" right now

From what we have been told, the Pumpkin Wall is staying, which is unfortunate.