March 12, 2023

City Update - Lumbercamp (SDC)


The new Lumbercamp area is not quite ready for guests yet.

This will be the ordering area for the new Fried Flossie's

There appears to be two windows. 

Door for the workers to enter the building

On the left they have built a new planter area that will separate the queue space from Hill Street.  There is also a very large deck area in the center of the photo that will probably have tables

Here is a look at the other side of the building and where the new pathway to American Plunge and Wildfire will be located

Here is a look at the backside of Flossie's

The other large structure in the area is the new covered dining area

The pathway into the upper portion

The pathway to the lower portion

The lower portion is right on the waterfall lake

Here is what the new covered dining area looks like from over by the entrances to Plunge and Wildfire

This smaller structure will probably be for trash and condiments

There is no visible progress being made on the Furniture Factory at this time.