March 12, 2023

City Update (SDC)


New Season - New Updates.  More of the stone wall behind the icon logo has been removed.

It is most noticeable here at this entrance portal.  There was a stone arch here last season

Gold and Diamond passes get their own special entrance this season

A new Pathfinder stand is located at the entrance to the Gazebo stage viewing area

Hill Street has been widened.  This is most noticeable from the Woodcarver Shop down to the restrooms.

The Viewing Stands for American Plunge have been rerouted.  The steps now turn to the south instead of north.

New fencing along the splash down area

New pavement near the entrances to American Plunge and Wildfire

Another view of that new pavement

Tom and Huck's Stage has been completely removed along with the seating

New survey markers have been placed along the Foggy Hollow pathway back to Pumpkin Plaza

No more cash at the games.  You must purchase vouchers

You can purchase them here across from the Red Gold Hall

It looks like High Striker might be returning this season

They have added rubber to the gap between the pavement and the train tracks near Kettle Corn.  Not sure if this is permanent or only until the train returns to service

They are already advertising coming food for Street Fest at Tastes of the City

Supports and wires are now in place for what will become a focal point this season.  There will be kites and other things hung here to create Instagram photo canopies