March 23, 2023

City Update - Parking (SDC)


Be careful when navigating the parking lots this week.  There are new lights going in and some are right in the middle of the current drive way to the Stop 3 parking area.

Speaking of Stop 3 parking - it continues to grow as they eat away at the mountain

They were actively tearing down more of this mountain today.  We predict that the parking lot will continue to the condos once completed ... they're almost there already.  They are literally on the other side of the trees you see on top of the hill

Looking back at Stop 2 parking you can see they have filled in to add more parking on what used to be the other side of the tram road.

This is now the dedicated tram road and it stays on this side of the parking lot.  The only time it crosses pedestrian pathways is near the front entrance where it has forever

This side of the entrance road continues to be shaped

There is now a pathway down from the tunnel we showed you last week

This area is now almost completely flat.  The hill we've been showing is completely gone.