March 18, 2023

City Update - Parking (SDC)


They've made some more progress since last week on the parking lot

The right three lanes have attendants charging for the paid lot.  Free parking uses the left lane

This curb now is the entrance to the paid parking lot

They have this line of cones separating the paid and free lots.  You can also see the current shuttle loading area for free lot

The paid lot wasn't used much today

This is the free parking lot

While more of the free lot is paved this week, there is still plenty to be done

We stopped and took a look at this new tunnel and we are convinced this is a pedestrian tunnel

While it is tall enough to walk through, there is no way a tram is going to fit

They have removed more of the final dirt hill on this side.  We think that this will all be additional parking and that tunnel will service this area for pedestrians