July 18, 2009

Alabama Adventure

Welcome to Alabama Adventure

This is the Main Street area 

The Ferris Wheel features spinning carts (if you want to spin)

This is the kiddie coaster - of course I rode it

The park's Boomerang is called Zoomerang

The park has a double shot called Stratosfear

Let's take a look at the park's flat rides.  Here's a Break Dance



Musik Express


Wave Swinger

Bumper Cars

The park has a couple of water rides including a Log Flume

and White River Gorge rapids ride

The real reason anyone comes here is Rampage

The coaster dominates the back of the park

It is really a large pile of lumber

I was impressed with the amount of airtime you get on the ride

I am glad I got to ride this monster.  It was worth coming to the park for