July 20, 2009

Freestyle Music Park

Welcome to Freestyle Music Park in Myrtle Beach, SC

Turning left we headed into Myrtle's Beach

I found it interesting that they had a waterfortress in a ride park.

Here's the star attraction of the park

This is Time Machine, a B&M sit-down looper

The coaster plays different sound tracks from different decades

It's a lot of fun hearing the different decades as you ride through the course

I love the theme of the station

The next section is called Across the Pond

This is an awesomely themed flat ride

This land is the home of this interesting rollercoaster

This unique "ferris wheel" lift is the signature part of Round About

The 6-passenger car does a lot of helices after the initial lift and drop

Like all of the coasters here, it features on board audio

The break dance was taxi car themed

I really did not understand this dark ride called Monstars of Rock

It was just strange

There was also a carousel in the area

In the American section, they had a Country-Music themed Ice Show

It was decent

I think they took themselves a little to serious though

They had a water bomber coaster called Soak'd

You bomb the people below and they water geyser you back

I'm not sure if this qualifies as a kiddie coaster, but this is Hang Ten

I enjoyed it

The foam ball factory was called Grunge Station

The minetrain was called Iron Horses

Yes, it had on board audio

Everything is better with fire

Minetrain and Fire = Pefection

Texas Swing

Big Ol' Trucks

I had a good time, but it's a little unnerving seeing such an empty park.
I do wish the park luck as it is a very interesting concept to theme a park to music