July 19, 2009


Welcome to Carowinds

The first coaster of the day would be Afterburn

This B&M inverted coaster is one of the best out there

Unfortunately it is at Carowinds, so it tends to get overlooked

Want to ride a couple of rough wooden coasters?  Ok, here's Thunder Road

Carolina Cobra is a half-way decent boomerang

Goldrusher was next - it's kind of a minetrain

Carolina Cyclone is the park's resident Arrow looper

If you really really like a rough wooden coaster - try HURLER

Time for a mouse coaster - RICOCHET

Drop in any time.

The park has an older B&M standup coaster called Vortex

It's not that bad actually

The park has a Vekoma flying dutchman called Nighthawk

It's fun, but it takes forever to load

The park has a few kiddie coasters - this is Runaway Reptar

This is the Fairly Odd Coaster

Here's Taxi Chase

Final ride of the day was the Sky Cabin

Looks like something big is coming to the park next year

Until next time.