July 19, 2009

Six Flags over Georgia

Welcome to Six Flags over Georgia

My first ride of the day would be Goliath

"SoGo" as I call it was running like crazy today

It has a funky little helix over the lake

For a B&M hypercoaster, it has a ton of airtime

Next up was Batman: the Ride

I never get tired of this layout - no matter where it is 

I love Mindbender!

This old school coaster just makes you feel so vulnerable

The reason I am here is because they completely redid Monster Plantation
and now it is Monster Mansion - all new animatronics and more!

The boats don't look much different, but...

You get inside and you can really tell the difference

I love that they kept the theme song and this guy

Ok a quick trip on the minetrain

Time to head out.  I still got another park to do today