July 8, 2014

Dorney Park

Welcome to Dorney Park.

Talon was my first destination of the day.

This is a B&M inverted rollercoaster.

Time to kick the sky.

It's not the biggest out there, but it is fun.

Hang Time.

Wild Mouse.

White Water Landing.


Hydra - The Revenge.

This is a B&M floorless coaster that starts off with an unusual "jo-jo roll"

This is a pretty fun floorless.

It's smaller than a lot of the other floorless coasters out there.  You can really tell this fact by looking at the size of its cobra roll.

Demon Drop.

Thunderhawk is the park's wooden coaster.

Make sure you don't ride on a wheel seat if you ride it.  Very rough.

This is Steel Force - the park's hypercoaster.

The coaster reminds me a lot of MAMBA, but with tunnels and an inferior helix.

Really, it's nowhere as good as MAMBA.

So let's check out their Dinosaurs Alive.

I guess we're just spoiled by our layout at WOF.

I much prefer how shaded our display is back home.

The park has an Invertigo called Stinger.

Their impulse is called Possessed.

A nice looking Scrambler.

Woodstock's Express - the park's lone kiddie coaster.
They used to have 3 here at the park.

THE WHIP - this ride is awesome and I'd love to have one at WOF.

Dominator has one shot and one drop tower,
It also has a weird 3rd tower that is empty.


It's a nice small park.