July 7, 2014


Welcome to Kennywood.

The first coaster of the day is The Phantom's Revenge.

This hypercoaster has an interesting past.

Originally it was an Arrow built super looping coaster.

Hopkins has since retrofitted it as a hypercoaster removing the loops and changing a portion of the layout to make it more rideable.

Let's head into the Lost Kennywood section of the park.

This is the Black Widow.

This is a unique version of a Revolution-style ride.

The Exterminator is an indoor themed spinning mouse.

The Whip.

The park has a great Shoot the Chutes.

Love the look of their Wave Carousel.


The coaster features a wild helix section.

It also interacts with Phantom's Revenge.

The Turtle is a historic ride that is a lot of fun.

This is Noah's Ark - it is one of two like attractions in the world.

It's basically a walk-thru fun house.

This is the Kangaroo, the only attraction of its kind left in the world.

A Paul Revere statue at the park.

Sky Rocket is the park's newest roller coaster.

The coaster starts with a launch.

A huge ejector hill right after the launch.

It's a very fun and twisty ride.

The Old Mill dark ride.

The classic Jack Rabbit roller coaster.

This coaster is famous for its double down ejector airtime section.

The RACER is another famous coaster here at the park.

The RACER is one of only a handful of coaster in the world that are a mobius loop.

That means that when you exit the station on one side you will return on the other side of the station.  The "two tracks" of the coaster are actually one long track.

Aero 360

Log Jammer.

Gran Prix Bumper Cars.

The classic Auto Race.

It's like nothing else I've ridden.  Very fun auto ride.

Lil' Phantom

Laffin' Sal is scary.

Ghostwood Estate.

This park is just full of awesome stuff.

This park is like nothing else.  It is definitely a destination park.