July 11, 2014

Kings Island

Welcome to Kings Island.

First order of business today is the new BANSHEE.

This massive B&M inverted rollercoaster is exactly what this park was missing.

You can't even see the entire course from the midway, it is so big.

They even have a semi-themed area for the ride, including the station.

This is a great ride.  Definitely in my top 5 favorite inverted rollercoasters.

Top Gun has been rethemed again - this time to The Bat.

Along with a new name, the coaster also got a new paint scheme.

Still a great ride.

Delirium is always a must ride for me here at KI.

Adventure Express is a great minetrain.

You just cannot beat that bizarre ending.

Time for Racer.

It seemed like the red train was consistently winning today.

Flight of Fear time.

This ride has a pretty cool queue line.

Wow.  I caught this ride with a short line.  That never happens.

It is a fun ride, but not worth a long wait.

I wonder how much longer Vortex will be around.

Rough doesn't even begin to describe it.

WindSeeker time.

Decided to check out their Dinosaurs Alive.

This layout is on par with WOF's.

You have to have these things hidden in a forested area for them to be believable.

Ok.  This exhibit was pretty cool.

Backlot Stunt Coaster - I only ride it for the final tunnel sequence.


Great rides during the day.

Legendary rides at night.

I suck at this shooter ride.

Time for the big snake.

This is another great night ride.

DiamondBack's trademark splash pool.

Woodstock's Express.

Flying Ace Aerial Chase.

I decided to go up in the Eiffel Tower.

DiamondBack making a splash.

Here you can see just how massive Banshee really is.

Time is quickly running out.

I had a great day at Kings Island.