July 9, 2014

Six Flags Great Adventure

Welcome to Six Flags Great Adventure.

First coaster of the day was Superman Ultimate Flight.

Much like the clones of this ride out there - it takes forever to load.

It's fun once you finally get to board the ride.

Next door is another slow loading coaster - The Green Lantern.

This coaster started it's life as Chang at Kentucky Kingdom.

Never mind the odd yellow loop.  It has something to do with the coaster's "theme"

Time to ride the tallest drop ride in the world - ZUMANJARO

So they decided to strap 3 drop towers to the side of Kingda Ka.

It's really high, but for some odd reason they don't feel like it when you are riding it.

Since we are already here - let's ride Kingda Ka

This is the current tallest and fastest coaster in the nation.

You go up there very fast.

Unlike Top Thrill Dragster, Kingda Ka has a floater hill after the main tower.

What very well might be the best wooden coaster in the world - EL TORO.

Tall. Fast. Full of AIRTIME.

Your butt never touches the seat going down the first drop.


Never mind the strange gap in this hill.

I loved this ride.

This is Bizarro.

This is a B&M floorless coaster.

It's fun.

But it gets a little overshadowed by the other coasters in the park.

The Safari Expedition is one of the longest rides in the park.

You get to see a lot of animals on this ride.




Runaway Minetrain.

It has a very pretty setting.

The Saw Mill Log Flume has a HUGE water wheel.

Skull Mountain is the best (and worst) indoor coaster ever.
You just have to ride it to see what I mean.  The effects inside are so dumb.

Time to ride some Batman themed roller coasters.

First up is the B&M inverted coaster - Batman: the Ride.

I think I've finally rode all the Batman clones in the USA.

They also have a Dark Knight coaster - hooray for mouse coasters in a box.

This coaster was originally at Geauga Lake.

This coaster has to have the longest train of any coaster out there.

This is NITRO.

It is a B&M built hypercoaster.

I was personally underwhelmed by the layout.

I mean it's fun for what it is - just nothing memorable.

Here is the kiddie coaster for the park.

This is Houdini's Great Escape - it's a Mad House.  It's hard to explain.  Basically you go into a room and sit on one of two sides of the room on benches with a lap bar and then the room starts spin.

They have some strange buildings at this park.


The park still has a parachute tower.
Is this the last one in America?

This is a nice park.  It was nice to finally get to visit it.  It has a nice collection of coasters.