July 8, 2014


Welcome to Knoebels.

This park has been on my bucket list for a long time.

First coaster of the day is TWISTER.

This coaster is supposedly modeled after the original Mr. Twister from the original Elitch Gardens.

It's a very twisted and fast wooden coaster.

Once you crest the lift hill, hold on for your life.

StratosFear - seriously this drop tower scared the crap out of me.


Gasoline Alley is the antique auto ride at the park.

Most of the ride is on an elevated path.

Time for The PHOENIX.

This could easily be my favorite wooden coaster.

The airtime on this coaster is UNREAL.

I lost track of how many laps I took on this ride.

Black Diamond is a very interesting indoor coaster that might be more of a dark ride than a rollercoaster.  It's just weird in a few spots.

Flying Turns is the main reason I am here - it's finally open.

This is basically a wooden trough toboggan coaster.

It's extremely unique and a ton of fun.

The coaster looks strange off the ride, but I guess this is how they used to be built.

I'm glad the park stuck with it and got it running after all of the set backs.

You can catch the brass ring to get a free ride on the Carousel.

Looper is a very rare ride and extremely unique.  You basically work to build up momentum and then your cart will invert.



Bumper Cars - these are seriously the best in the nation.

The Haunted House is a ride through fun house.

The Scenic Skyway is a fun ride up and down the mountain.


Flyer - this is seriously the best out there.  If you can't "snap" your tub on this ride, there is no hope for you to ever "snap" a tub on a flying scooter ride.

Kozmo's Kurve's is the park's kiddie coaster/

There are few other rides too but we've run out of time.

This park is a must visit for any serious enthusiast out there.