March 24, 2016

Dollywood Festival of Nations

Welcome to Dollywood's Festival of Nations

Here is the icon for festival.

Zebra Stelzentheater from Germany entertaining in the Market Square area.

Los Pampas Gachos from Argentina was performing in the Showstreet Theater

Here one of the artists is demonstrating the boleadoras. 

The Grand Finale features boleadoras in black light.

Atahualpa from Ecuador performing on the Showstreet Gazebo.

Via Romen from Russia and Ukraine performing at the Valley Theater

Duo del Sol from Uruguay performing at the Back Porch Theater.

David Charrier from France performing on hang drums at the Rivertown Junction Stage.

The Wings of America show is always impressive... and a good escape from the rain.

Mother Africa brought an all new version of their show to the Celebrity Theater this year.

Feats of balance of strength from Mother Africa.

Some acts were just a little dangerous.

The Grand Finale was an Icarian Games act where this boy was flung and spun in the air.

The main event of the day was Dolly being on park.