March 26, 2016

Smoky Mountain National Park


Welcome to Smoky Mountain National Park

This place is crazy beautiful.

This is the viewing tower at Clingman's Dome.

This is said to be the highest point in the Smoky Mountains.

The view is amazing.

It was quite windy up on the viewing platform.

So... the Appalachian Trail is a lot smaller than I thought.

Could you ever get tired of this view?

Headed back down and we stopped at the state line.

The park also has some very cool water formations.

Pretty neat rock and water formation.

An unnamed waterfall we discovered.

We found some major rapids - these are called the Sinks.

The water moves very quickly through here causing a roar.

The rapids culminate in the Sinks Falls.

It's actually pretty impressive how fast the water is moving here.

Here is Minghs Falls.  I wish we were able to get closer as it was actually a pretty tall waterfall.

Our last waterfall of the day.  This one was unmarked but still a pretty nice waterfall.

We decided to spend some time skipping rocks.

We had a great time in the park, but it's time to head back into town.