March 27, 2016

Ober Gatlinburg

Welcome to Ober Gatlinburg

To get to the main park, you have to take the aerial tramway.

The aerial tram can hold a lot of people at one time.

There goes the lower station.

The two aerial trams act as counterbalances and pass midway up the mountain.

You get some amazing views on the tram.

This is the highest pillar on the route.

Once at the upper station you can do several different activities.

They have an indoor ice skating rink.

We decided to take the skyway to the upper viewing platform.

I was impressed with how long of a trip it was up the mountain.

Here we are at the summit of Mt. Harrison, elevation 3590ft

Yes, a storm is trying to roll in.

It's really pretty up here, but it's going to storm soon.

So we decided to head back down to the main upper building.

It really is a long way down / up.

After riding the other attractions on the mountain it was time to take the aerial tram back down to Gatlinburg.

We had a great time at Ober Gatlinburg.